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Sustainability & The Environment

15 May 2024

How do we grow in a way that preserves and protects the natural environment. The challenges and threats to our natural environment and the integrity of our natural resources grow year by year.

According to The World Health Organization, “around the world, 24% of deaths can be traced back to avoidable environmental factors.” Human well-being is closely linked to the environment in which they live. Clean air, fresh water, food and a sense of safety and wellbeing are necessary for survival. 

Engagement in sustainability extends beyond governmental and international efforts to include businesses, NGOs, and individuals. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), green technology innovation, sustainable supply chain management, and grassroots activism all play crucial roles in advancing environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The objectives of the Sustainability & The Environment seminar on Wednesday 15 May were to heighten awareness, garner insights, and engage with key stakeholders regarding current and future plans and policies for environmental preservation and sustainability. Additionally, to advocate for responsible stewardship of our planet's resources, to ensure their preservation for present and future generations.

A tour of the Department of the Mangroves bordering the North Sound in the afternoon was followed by a seminar at the Government Administration Building in the evening. The Mentor for the evening was Susan Jones and Moderators: Marika Juhasz Scheer and Tracy-Ann Taylor

Speakers for the evening were Danielle Coleman –Director of the Cayman Islands Hazzard Management; Sasha Appleby, the Administrator of Beacon Farms Ltd, Hannah Reid Ford – Senior Policy Advisor (Environment & Resiliency) for the Cayman Islands Government, and Andrew McGovern – Environmental Policy & Development Officer of he Cayman Islands National Trust.

 The breakout sessions saw some exciting and challenging discussions about the competing claims for development and environmental integrity.

From 8.30- 8.45 the Group Panel Discussion tied together the main currents which had been explored during the evening together. There was a fun and informative debrief at the White Whale Pub, 55 South Church Street to finish off the evening.