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Leadership Cayman tackles environmental challenges during latest seminar

04 Jun 2018

The Leadership Cayman class tackled the issue of the environment for their latest seminar, ‘Infrastructure and the Environment,’ on Wednesday, May 30.

The class was tasked with gaining a better understanding of public systems in the Cayman Islands, as well as the services and facilities that are necessary in maintaining and promoting sustainable economic development and the protection of the local environment.

The group met early in the morning to visit the George Town landfill, where they saw first-hand how it is managed. The group learned more about how the landfill has developed over the years, as well as how its recycling centre seeks to make disposal of waste greener and more eco-friendly.

They later met for the evening seminar at Cayman Enterprise City, where they were joined by a panel of experts including:

  • Ms. Jennifer Ahearn; Permanent Secretary & Chief Officer, Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing
  • Mr. Justin Howe; Senior Vice President of Development, DECCO, Dart Development
  • Mr. James Whittaker; Founder of GreenTech Group and President of the Cayman Renewable Energy Association (C.R.E.A.)
  • Mr. Nicholas Robson; Vice President, C.R.E.A.

After speaking in breakout groups, the group shared their thoughts with one another and the guest panel, discussing environmental challenges and developments in greater detail.

“The Cayman Islands is poised to become a leader in the adoption of renewable energy in the coming years,” said Mr. Whittaker.

“With strong Governmental support and prudently enacting the National Energy Policy, Cayman will become a centre of excellence in the region for clean energy and the creation of hundreds of ‘green’ jobs, economic prosperity, and national security, all while safeguarding our environment for future generations.”

Ms. Ahearn spoke about her enjoyment of the seminar, saying, “The Leadership Cayman seminar was a fantastic opportunity to provide the class members with an update on the Government’s progress in procuring the new Integrated Solid Waste Management System for the Cayman Islands.”

“Through some very insightful conversations in a great forum, we were also able to discuss the importance of our individual actions in dealing with the Cayman Islands’ solid waste, and the opportunities that we currently have as consumers to be part of the solution,” she added.

Class members Adam Lambert and Casandra Morris acted as moderators for the seminar, with support from programme graduate and seminar mentor Garth Arch.  

The Chamber would like to thank Cox Lumber Ltd. and RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Ltd. for supporting Leadership Cayman as major programme partners. They would also like to thank Island Paving for serving as the seminar sponsor.