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Leadership Cayman Class retreat

14 Feb 2017

The 2017 Leadership Cayman Class met at the end of January for the annual opening retreat.

The 24 class members attended the two-day retreat at the Wyndham Reef Resort, where they were joined by 2017 Program Chair Faramarz Romer, Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt and Chamber staff member Nikita Durrant.

Dr. Hammerschmidt, president of the Leadership Consulting Service Inc., advises executives in leadership, innovative problem-solving and teamwork and has been involved in the Leadership Cayman program since its inception in 2009.

He taught the class a variety of leadership skills and engaged with them in a series of problem-solving tasks to introduce them to challenges they can face in the community and the workplace, as well as prepare them for the remainder of the program.

The Leadership Cayman class will reconvene for 11 biweekly seminars this year.