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Infrastructure & Development take centre stage at final Leadership Cayman 2021 Seminar

02 Jul 2021

The final Leadership Cayman 2021 seminar took place on Wednesday, June 30, at National Roads Authority (NRA) offices, with participants taking an in-depth look at issues related to infrastructure and the development in the Cayman Islands.

The three-hour long seminar sought to help participants gain a better understanding of public systems, services and facilities needed for the Cayman Islands to achieve their development goals, to maintain and promote sustainable economic development, minimize potential adverse effects on the environment, and ultimately, improve the quality of life in the Cayman Islands. 

The three speakers for the seminar were:


  • Robert Weekley – Senior VP of Development Planning, Dart
  • Haroon Pandohie – Director of Planning, CIG
  • Edison Jackson – Senior Engineer, Engineering and Operations, NRA

The seminar was preceded by a presentation by the National Roads Authority and a Plan Cayman presentation by Mr. Pandohie.

The discussions focused mainly on the work of the NRA, the major role Dart plays in infrastructure and development in the Cayman Islands, as well as the responsibilities of the Department of Planning. Another point of topic was the proposition of Cayman’s population increasing to 100,000 and whether the infrastructure needed to support this growth is available.

Island Paving (1985) Ltd sponsored the Infrastructure and Development Seminar, along with Cox Lumber Limited, RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited and Wheaton Precious Metals International who are the overall sponsors of Leadership Cayman 2021 programme. 

Leadership Cayman class members, Melissa Whorms and Wilberlee Range with their LC mentor Ravi Campbell organised the seminar.

ABOUT LEADERSHIP CAYMAN: The Leadership Cayman is a signature programme of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce introduced in 2010. The six-month intensive course enables local leaders to develop new skills and to interact with some of Cayman’s top public and private sector officials and experts during bi-weekly seminars on a range.