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Immigration & Workforce Development

12 Jun 2024

Immigration & Workforce Development on Wednesday, 12 June 2024 began with a tour of Inspire Cayman in McLendon Drive. The objectives were to provide the Leadership Cayman Class of 2024 with an overview of the history, past and current challenges, and the future and/or policies relating to immigration and workforce development within the Cayman Islands.

The Dinner and Seminar took place at the KPMG officers, SIX Cricket Square in George Town. The evening finished with a debrief at the Mango Tree Bar & Lounge. Mentor for the evening was Anya Edun, PhD. Moderators were Craig Bodden and Charlette Dixon. KPMG was the Seminar and Venue Sponsor.

Immigration and Workforce Development are two interconnected concepts - relating to the movement of people across borders and their integration into the labour market. They are both essential components of a dynamic and inclusive labour market, with policies and initiatives aimed at maximizing the potential of both native-born and immigrant workers to contribute to society and achieve their full potential in the workplace.

Speakers for the evening included Wesley Howell, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Border Control, Labour and Culture; Nicolas Joseph, Director, Reside Cayman Ltd; and Michael Myles, Owner & Managing Director, Inspire Cayman Training

Seminar topics underscored understanding Cayman Islands Immigration Law ; the role of Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) in managing immigration and workforce development in the Cayman Islands; balancing the economic growth to ensure that the influx of foreign workers supports overall economic prosperity without compromising local employment opportunities; and addressing challenges regarding skills shortages and gaps within the workforce which stem from rapid economic growth outpacing the development of local talent.