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Healthcare and Human Services

10 Apr 2024

Jasmine’s Christal Samaroo took the LC students on a tour of Jasmine Palliative and Hospice Care for the Healthcare and Human Services seminar on April 10th, The dinner and seminar were all at Jasmine, too, with fun and informal debrief at Coconut Joes.

The objective was to provide an opportunity for the Class of 2024 to learn about the current state of affairs, with an emphasis on innovation and developments in human services and healthcare in the Cayman Islands.

Speakers for the seminar and breakout sessions were:

Fiona MacDougall, Chair of the Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission and Co-Founder of Healthy Futures Ltd;

Dr Scott David – Head Physician at The Longevity Center at Grand Harbour Medical

Felicia McLean - Chief Nursing Officer for the Cayman Islands

Human services and healthcare play a crucial role in the Cayman Islands, providing essential services to the local population and contributing to the overall well-being and quality of life on the islands. The seminar delved into the intricate landscape of human services and healthcare in the Cayman Islands, exploring key aspects such as healthcare infrastructure, service delivery, regulatory frameworks, and the role of governmental and non-governmental organizations in ensuring the provision of these vital services.

The Cayman Islands' healthcare system has undergone significant development over the years to meet the growing needs of its population and visitors. Historically, healthcare services were rudimentary, primarily provided through small clinics and dispensaries. However, with the increase in population and tourism, the demand for comprehensive healthcare services grew, leading to the establishment of modern hospitals, clinics, and specialized healthcare facilities.

Key issues under discussion during the evening included the key roles of the Health Services Authority (HSA), private healthcare providers and clinics who offer a range of specialized treatments and services to residents and tourists alike.

Sister islands residents encounter unique obstacles in accessing healthcare, including limited transportation options and the necessity to travel by air or sea to access off-island medical services – presenting logistical challenges and imposing additional costs on individuals seeking healthcare services outside of their local communities.