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Culture and Heritage

11 Aug 2023

Objectives included gaining a better understanding of Cayman’s culture and heritage and how they contribute to the wider community, as well as their ongoing impact on business and tourism.

The session began with A tour of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands in the afternoon. Before locating to Greenlight RE’s offices in Market Street, Camana Bay for dinner and the evening’s seminar breakout sessions.

Participants were treated to an art & craft exhibition from one of the guest speakers, Carmen Connolly before being introduced to Keynote Speaker Isaac Jeralow Rankine, along with the other guest speakers, Brian Watler, Jr. Hon. Isaac Rankine, MP, Natalie Urquhart, CEO, Cayman National Cultural Foundation, and J.A Roy Bodden who is a local author and historian.

There were three breakout sessions, when the class breaks into smaller groups for closer interaction with each speaker, so that everyone gets the chance to ask questions. This evening being a culture evening, there was a special “Swanky” break so that everyone could sample Cayman’s delicious and refreshing traditional drink made from brown sugar, water and limes, with just a touch of Tamarind, too!

Keynote Speaker Isaac Jeralow Rankine is a Seafarer and musician. After retiring from the sea in 1966 Mr. Rankine became a maraca-player in the iconic Happy Boys Band. Today Mr. Rankine is one of the few remaining knitters of nets in the Cayman Islands.  

A lively panel discussion about the impact of Cayman’s cultural heritage on every facet of community life ended with a video presentation by Brian Watler Jr. which showed traditional dances, The evening’s activities ended with a debrief at Peppers Bar and Grill on West Bay Road.