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Leadership Cayman 2019-2020 Opening Retreat Goes Off with a Bang!

21 Oct 2019

The Retreat Facilitator was Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt, Professor of Economics at Eckerd College in the USA, and a renowned leadership, decision-making and creative problem-solving expert.  Dr. Hammerschmidt, has facilitated the Leadership Cayman Opening Retreat since the inauguration of the programme in 2009, and has consistently received high praises from the Leadership Cayman Class members over the decade.  This year was no exception, as Dr. Hammerschmidt’s  style of delivery and class engagement activities completely captivated his audience.  The sessions  had all  eyes  popping, ears perked and brains alert, with no one willing to miss a  single beat.

After an invigorating, illuminating and  challenging Opening Retreat, the adrenaline rush is now on, and the 2020 Class cannot wait for their next Leadership Cayman encounter.  Below, class members react to the Opening Retreat.

Latasha Nixon

The opening retreat was certainly an eye opener. It was amazing to learn so much in such simple yet very profound ways.  I am certainly excited about Leadership Cayman 2020*Leadership with a Vision*.


Jessica Kozailly:

An eye-opening experience that evolves around people, culture, skills and development. What a wonderful start to the LC 2020 journey. What comes next will certainly be as wonderful as this Retreat!


Anna Wootton:

It was a pleasure to be able to learn from Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt, whose experience was apparent in his teachings. The exercises in conflict resolution and negotiation skills were particularly enlightening.

The opportunity to work in teams with people we had just met, as well as the focus on working with others as a skillset, was really useful. We all work with other people in our jobs and I found that I could see the immediate relevance of those learnings in my day job!  The ocean view, lovely rooms, and great food also offered a wonderful environment for us to get to know our fellow classmates and connect for the first time.


Siddhant Jain Jaiswal

 It was a great two-day session by Peter Hammerschmidt, taking us on a journey of human behavioral science. The session gave us an insight into how we as individuals, under the KAI theory, lie on a creativity continuum between adaption and innovation. Individuals at both ends of the continuum are creative, just in a different way. Looking forward to interreacting with my fellow colleagues in the upcoming problem solving and decision-making real-life sessions.