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Each year the Leadership Cayman class completes a series of eleven seminars, all of which are facilitated by local experts and guest speakers.

Each seminar examines a different aspect of the Cayman Islands, ranging from government and business to community and the Sister Islands.

The list of seminars taking place during the 2018 programme include:

Opening Retreat

Start Date:18 Oct 2019
End Date:19 Oct 2019

Spend the weekend getting to know your classmates in beautiful East End.

Media in Our Community

Start Date:06 Nov 2019

The class will learn how various media outlets operate and the influence they have on our business sector and personal lives. They will learn how to develop cooperation strategies that could enhance the socio-economic well-being of the community.

Financial Services

Start Date:20 Nov 2019

The seminar will provide the class with an overview of the financial services industry and the development of the Islands, and how they impact our own jobs and businesses.

Culture & Heritage

Start Date:04 Dec 2019

The final seminar of the year will examine culture and the arts and how they contribute to the wider community, as well as their impact on business and tourism.

Cayman Islands Government

Start Date:15 Jan 2020

Class members will have an opportunity to meet members of the Legislative Assembly to identify and discuss current issues, and explore possible resolutions.

Education & Workforce Development

Start Date:29 Jan 2020

Guest speakers will inform the class about the challenges facing educational and workforce development today, and discuss strategies that will ensure that the Cayman Islands continue to attract the required talent in order to compete in today’s global community.

Stayover & Cruise Tourism

Start Date:12 Feb 2020

Experts will provide an overview of Cayman’s tourism industry and how it affects our economy. They will discuss the importance of tourism, the challenges the industry faces, and the current economic conditions affecting it.

Criminal Justice

Start Date:04 Mar 2020

The class will learn more about the major issues which confront each area of the criminal justice system and be advised of current and/or proposed methods to resolve these issues.


Start Date:18 Mar 2020

This seminar will look at the challenges of balancing, and delivering on, the demands of key stakeholders to the immigration process: the Caymanian public, elected officials, expatriate residents, and the private sector.

Human Services & Healthcare

Start Date:01 Apr 2020

The seminar will provide an opportunity to learn more about issues and challenges facing human services and the healthcare industry in the Cayman Islands.